New car suggestions (q&a)

Hey guys, been a while since I’ve been on here and the last time I was here you guys helped me a lot!

So here’s the plan. I want to buy a new car in roughly 12-20 months but I want to do research on what car I want, how I want to mod it, what kind of mods/ brands and make sure I have a game plan set before buying.

Previously I bought a Scion tC because it was a great commuter and fun to drive. But I want a car that is a sports car in the sense it is fast (or can be made fast), is more of a real sports car style and is visually pleasing in stock so I can build off of it.

I would love your recommendations so I can go and find a style of car I like,

Has to be two door

have a more sleek body preferred.

I’m not super picky on price but I can put in approx $1000-1,500 a month for a long time on it either as a payment for the car plus mods, or just mods and tires body kit ext.

Keep in mind preferred max 60k miles, clean title.

Give me your recommendations, car+ expected price + maybe your car and what you got for it and did to it. I live in Cali and I am 19 years old with good paying job so I want to reward myself with this hobby

Been thinking about 350z or 370z THANKS

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