Jeep dealership wrecked my girlfriend’s Grand Cherokee into a Challenger, what now?

So this Saturday my girlfriend took her 2015 Grand Cherokee to the dealership for it’s first oil change since she bought it in October. We waited at the dealership for a bit while they changed the oil, they call us back after a bit and go to pay. A tech rushes into the service area as we walk in, grabs who I think was the service manager and they walk outside of the garage. A minute later the manager comes in and stops us from paying and asks us to step outside immediately. Apparently while backing out of the bay after the oil change the tech managed to hit her driver’s side door into the passenger side front corner of a Challenger that “wasn’t supposed to be there and never saw it.” The door dented in and would not open now. They explained to us the oil change was on them and the damage is totally on them, would get it into their body shop right away and call us as soon as they get it fixed. They handed us a key for a dirty Sebring loaner, took her Jeep off the lot and shooed us out of the dealership within minutes. After the heat of the moment died down and we got home we thought about the situation more. She is now concerned about the depreciation in value of her now wrecked vehicle and if it will be reported on her VIN number and CarFax report. We called the dealership Monday morning and they said they ordered a new door but didn’t have any idea of what else will be going on with compensation or any of that. They were very nice since we bought the car and we’re sincere with the apology of the accident. Do we deserve any sort of compensation from the dealer or loss of value difference from them? Just not sure how to handle the situation.

The damage:

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