I have learned my lesson….

Most people have no respect for other people’s property, especially college students. Coming out of class after being there from 7am-9pm all I wanted to do is run to my car and drive. Getting there I’m met with something that has never happened to me. Somewhat hit my car and didn’t leave a note. My heart sunk seeing my cars bumper like that. I managed to get a police report and a phone call a while ago saying that most of the cameras in the vicinity are not working. Just my luck…..

The parking spot is located on a right turn people take to enter an isle. My reasoning for parking there was I didn’t want anymore door dings because the car I’m going back to after I sell this car(98 v6 mustang) is full of them. I usually back in more than usual, but didn’t want to get close this time because there’s a fire hose case just in case I roll back. I’m in the lines of the parking spot as you can see.

It just sucks. For once I want to get justice for a wrong done to me. I’ve been robbed at gunpoint twice and the perp was never found. And now this…… anyways my rant is over. DAMANGE

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