How to meet people who like driving?

I’ve always loved cars, and driving cars. However, I’ve noticed that people that are into cars don’t always seem to be into driving. I just got my Focus ST (ST1) and I moved into it from a 2012 SEL with leather seats and climate control and a sunroof and rain sensing wipers, etc. And my first couple weeks while I learned stick I felt twinges of regret while sitting on my cloth seats lamenting my lack of infotainment and ambient lighting: that I should have either saved up for an ST3 or just kept my SEL.

Then, as I got more confident with the ball and stick, I started getting a feeling while driving, a feeling that I haven’t really felt in a long time in a car. The same feeling I get every time I pull out of the driveway on my bike. I just love being out there on the road, trying to perfect every shift, nail every turn in this perfect continuum of g force and acceleration and noise all culminating in one ethereal feeling of flow. It’s this beautiful delicate perfect balance and I can’t get enough of it. And every time I get it all just right it’s like another stroke in a painting of every time I’ve had that feeling in every car. The first time I nailed a highway ramp in my terrible little Ford Escort while learning to drive, or sliding around corners in my Dodge Intrepid, my first car that was my very own and really let my love of driving blossom. Now I get to experience this every day in the ST, as it is a remarkably better conduit to this plane of existence than any of my previous cars. I can’t stop thinking about driving, staring out the window at it, counting down the minutes until my drive home from work…

In short, I’m obsessed with being behind the wheel of a car. I want to meet other people that are, too. I’m certainly into cars, and so I’ve tried going to car shows and C&C but most of the people I’ve met there are more interested in modding cars (which is cool but I’ve got an 8 year warranty I’ve no intention of voiding) or finding the least useful, least pleasant things to do with them, like sitting in neutral and redlining or doing burnouts. I like a powerful engine as much as the next guy, but I didn’t buy an engine, I bought a car. And honestly, for lack of a better word, a lot of those guys are kinda… douchebags. Not much interest in actual driving. Then there’s the track crowd. I think I’m going to take my car to the local track soon, and it looks fun, but I’m not super competitive, and I’m moving from CT to Montana soon where I don’t think there’ll be any track days. Not to mention I’m not very competitive so it doesn’t quite scratch my itch.

I’ve got a 1983 Honda 550. It’s a great little bike, and I love riding it. The motorcycle community has its squids and posers and idiots, but primarily is made up of people who just want to ride. All my friends that are into bikes are always getting out and riding. We go out together, on road trips, find cool roads and places to visit that have enjoyable rides. We talk about the ride, the view, the feeling, etc. I just can’t seem to find this part of the car scene. Does it even exist? I feel like it has to.

I know there’s people here who are very into driving, probably the majority. Where do you find like-minded people to share this great hobby with?

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