2007 Honda Civic gears feel “blocked”

Hi all! Hoping someone can help me out. I have a 2007 Honda Civix EX Coupe, manual transmission. Car has approx 165,000Km on it.

About 3 days ago this started out of nowhere.. I was in 5th gear, came to a stop and placed the car into neutral. When I went to put it into 1st, the shifter would not move to the left from neutral. I was able to go to 3rd, 4, 5, and reverse- but could not even get to the left side to try 1 or 2. After some frantic wiggling, the blockage was gone and the car was just like normal.

This has happened a few times since then, most recently it happened but I could only access Neutral and 3. All other gears and positions seemed blocked. Once the gears get “unblocked” the car shifts and performs just as expected. Video attached.

Generally the blockage is just to the left side of neutral, where I access 1 and 2.

Thanks in advance everyone! Cheers

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