What do you know about problems and maintenance for a 2011 Volvo c30 r design?

Does this car have specific problems? Are their specific maintenance issues that make it more expensive than it’s worth? Like, does it cost thousands of dollars to replace the timing belt, etc.

I’ve never owned a non-japanese or American car. While I know that the 2011 c30 is basically a Ford, I’m still worried about maintenance on a used “luxury” European car.

I love the car. Its a 3 door hatch with a turbo 5 cylinder.

P.s. to the mods: I understand that you are very powerful. I’m not challenging your power. I’m not asking if I should buy this car. I’m asking if anybody has any experience owning it, and what kind of maintenance should I expect. This seems to be a valid post for a subreddit about cars. Not every post needs to be a satirical car review or a repost from a car magazine website.

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