Time Attack Car – Theorycrafting? Looking to see what ideas /r/cars come up with

As a big fan of the Time Attack Series hosted in Sydney every year called WTAC I often find myself thinking about possible build ideas that would be competitive in the sport, but rarely seen.

The class I find most interesting is ClubSprint, the rule set is quite comprehensive but boils down to “no supercars”, Engine must be from the same manufacturer and have the same cylinder count (eg LS swap any original V8 GM car), no significant changes to layout of the vehicle (RWD stays RWD, engine stays in front, shock towers stay in the same place) and the final vehicle weight must be within 5% of the original spec of the vehicle.

If you were to build a car for this series of racing, what would you build and why?

Here’s a link to the rules list for those interested

Here’s a link to last years results for an idea of what is currently competitive

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