Chevrolet Cruze- Oil Plug Came Out While Driving

For the backstory…

3 weeks ago I had an oil change done, unfortunately in a city I do not live in, but no big deal, right? However this oil change took about 2 hours. I heard some hammering, and didn’t think anything of it until I saw my car move every time I heard the hammer. When I went to check on the status, they informed me that the person handling my oil change was having a difficult time removing the oil plug and that he stripped the head, they were removing it by the base of the plug and was going to replace the oil plug free of charge. Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. I was driving my car and suddenly my car indicates low oil pressure and that I need to turn off the engine immediately. I was going over a bridge, so I coasted down the bridge and pulled the car in a safe zone and immediately turned the engine off. There was no smoking coming from the engine, but it smelled like hot oil. I looked under my car and there was a large amount of oil coming out of my car. I had some help pushing my car into a parking spot and called the store I had the work done at. (I kept the paperwork and what was indicated from the work they had done). I called a tow and they towed it to the nearest (Meineke), and I am still waiting to hear back from them.

My question is… When a vehicle gives an indicator light, how long do I have until my engine becomes ruined? I am hoping that because I pulled the car over about 30 seconds after the indicator light came on and cut the engine, that I did not ruin my engine.

Any thoughts?

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