How to change the dinging sound a car makes when the door is open?

(Not sure if this is the right subreddit so feel free to delete if it’s not)

You know the annoying dinging a car will make when you leave the door open with the keys in the ignition? I believe it is controlled by a box right? (I really just need to know the name of that box). But if I could remove the box, is there ANY possible way I could get a new one and put any sound I wanted instead of beeping?

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First time

This is my first time this happened in my shirt driving career. I was in a parking lot, stopped (not parked) so a passenger could get out and this cars backs up and hits me. She admitted she was at fault and didn’t see. I just wanted to know if i am at fault as well.

Also she gave me her name and number (which is a wrong number) apparently and her license plate number. Is there any way I can file a claim, I don’t know her insurance number, all I know is her name and her license plate number. Should I contact my insurance company?

I apologize if there are dumb questions it’s my first time going through this.

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What causes rod knock in a newly rebuilt boxer engine (<600 miles)? Dealer states overheating, temp gauge never showed high heat.

I purchased a used 2006 Subaru Forester with a rebuilt engine from a shop that specializes in redoing head gaskets and engine work for older Subarus. For the 500 mile break-in period I did what they told me: Keep it below 3500 RPM, check the oil every time I fill up, and make sure the temperature gauge stays level. After the 500 mile break-in, I scheduled my oil change like they asked, but before that date the engine blew up on me. They warrantied the engine and rebuilt it, again, didn’t charge me my deductible, but told me it developed a rod knock from overheating. I KNOW my temperature gauge never showed the engine was overheating, but they said their temperature tabs melted, showing the engine DID overheat for a prolonged period. They aren’t charging me anything, which feels suspicious since they seem to have had grounds to void the warranty but chose not to. I’m banking on good faith that this was a fluke and trying to trust the dealer, but this whole thing feels a little shady.

Is it possible to have a broken thermometer? The salesman said it would have thrown a code, which it apparently did not, but I’m concerned the car’s thermometer or gauge is broken. He also said I would have noticed steam coming from the engine like from a kettle, which I did not notice, even when the engine went. Was it likely just a bad part?

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Need some advice to fix some really deep scratches / cuts / grinds

I was helping my buddy with his first car mod the other day which was installing a mesh grill onto his r spec veloster. While he was cutting the old grill out, he dremelled 2 sections of his bumper. The cuts are pretty deep and definitely cut into the fiberglass of the bumper. 1 is just a scrape while the other appears to have cut out a chunk of the bumper itself. Whats the best technique/product to go about this. Im willing to do some bondo/fiberglass work as i have done some in the past for my spoiler but am not a pro in any way. I believe worst case scenario is to take the single part to a body shop and get it done there.

Heres the imgur album. You can see the deep cut in the first pic and the rest are just scratches. Any help is much appreciated!!!! Thank you!

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THE SKID FACTORY – Turbo LS1 R32 Skyline [EP1]

Magna Steyr Will Build the Toyota Supra — Rumors Were Right All Along

Can cornering hard damage steering?

Don’t think I actually damaged anything, but steering in my car recently got tight. Do a bit of spirited driving occasionally on some 55mph roads on my way to and from school.

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Leaking fluids?

I have a 458 and after I parked over night I found a puddle of fluid under my car. Anyone know if its an oil leak?

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Jaguar I-PACE | 3am – Quality EV ad from jaguar.

Exhaust Setup

I have flowmaster outlaw axel backs on my 2008 Mustang GT.. Want to keep the growl but increase loudness and I think High Flow Cats could be my middle ground.. Thoughts?

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Slap stick on staring wheel for summer time

Was hoping to see some insanity custom stick attached to the staring wheels.

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Live in NYC, where salt roads reign supreme. Thinking about rustproofing my car with FluidFilm. Unfortunately I don’t have the space, nor the garage (live in an apartment) to do this as a DIY.

Does anyone know a place/person that does this in NYC area? And how much should the application process cost?


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Need help pinpointing a project car

Hey everyone, I’m in search of a project car and have a few in mind. I’ve searched Craigslist, Cargurus, Autotrader, and one more I can’t remember for a good project car. So I came here, maybe the magic of people on Reddit can help me.

Budget: $3000 Engine: No engine or V8 Trans: Auto Mods: The more the better, would like things like racing seats already installed, but if not that is A-okay. Location: Keep it in Texas, pref central Texas/Houston Cars I’m looking at & minimum year models: 1998 Chevy Camaro, 1999 Ford Mustang GT, and a 1998 Pontiac Firebird.

It doesn’t even have to run. I will pay you in an abundance of Reddit silver.

Thanks guys.

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Is Hot Rod/car culture cooling off?

As a young adult, I fear that I may not be able to drive my classic car in 40 years when I’m (hopefully) retired. Maybe it’ll be gas prices, maybe it’ll be the outlaw of gasoline entirely. Either way, eventually the gas powered car will soon become a part of history. But how soon will our passion be a thing of the past? Is it partially because people my age aren’t into cars anymore? Will it be a war of emissions?

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How do I disconnect my car’s airbags electricals?

I don’t want them to deploy if an accident happens. DOn’t ask why I just need to know, its a Honda Civic 98.

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It’s that time of the year again – What’s your unpopular car opinion?

I’ll start:

-Miatas are way overrated in this subreddit. Not to mention they are super feminine -Porches are nice cars but they are the poor-mans supercar.

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Am I Being Scammed? (Used Car Sale Question)

Found a dream car (at least for me) at a dream price online, like 1/2 of KBB value. E-mailed seller to figure out why, she claims that her husband recently passed away and she wants to sell it quickly as she is moving and it gives her bad memories.

I tell her I’m willing to buy, and she sends me a carfax (which was clean) and an ebay invoice. I’ve never seen this service before – buyer protection – which apparently is a service that handles the sale of used vehicles for the owner. The invoice apparently works like this – I pay half the cost to Ebay now (with e-bay gift cards, for some reason), Ebay ships the vehicle to me on a flatbed, I get 5 days to inspect the vehicle, and at the end of those 5 days I pay the remaining half (with gift cards again).

Basically, the buyer is asking me to pay thousands to Ebay sight unseen. She lives several states over, but sent plenty of pictures of the vehicle and I obviously immediately did a reverse image search, and the pics are legit. Normally I wouldn’t consider doing this, but the vehicle was owned by a truck enthusiast and apparently was taken care of well, and the price is very low for what it is.

So in short – am I being scammed? Have you guys ever heard of this method of selling used vehicles? I called Ebay about it and gave them the transaction number, and they have it on file. I’m still shaky on the whole situation.

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Best Car Transport Service

I was hoping any redditors who have experience with car transports could recommend a service. Transport is from California to New York.

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BMW headquarters raided over emissions cheating allegations

Anyone chargeback a bad tinting job?

Hey all,

I’m a little unsure what to do here. Basically I paid $200 for a tint job from a so called reputable place. There are many things wrong, but the biggest are cuts on my glass, tint not sticking, dust particles under glass, and parts that don’t cover the whole window. I understand there are usually little spots and other things that settle after a week or two. The big issue I have is that they offer a warranty that fixes the issues, but I 100% don’t trust them because not only did they do damage to my car via the windows, but they also broke my door window motor after literally banging on it. I refuse to take my car back there to be fixed for fear of further damage to my car. I want to do a chargeback, but idk about that. Has anyone done that or what do you think? Help is appreciated

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