I find it fascinating that most Michigan drivers only own American car brands

I was born and raised in SE Michigan, and although only being 18 years old I’ve had my fair share of “car knowledge” and realizing things through my young life.

I’ve never really noticed how many American cars are actually on Michigan roads until 1) it came down to getting my own car and 2) actually leaving this state for once.

So when I was getting my first car, I really REALLY wanted the Lexus IS350 or a Mercedes C300. But NO, I was given HELL from everyone (family, friends, parents) for wanting a “foreign car” and how I should be “keeping jobs in America” by buying American! I ended up getting a 2015 Chrysler 300 (loved that car, won’t complain since it was my first car LOL. I was blessed to even have a brand new car at 16). I never realized how big of a deal it was to certain people… just kind of amusing I guess. To me, a car is a car; and so many foreign cars are built in the states these days, too. I don’t get what the big deal was…

The actual time where I really realized how many Michiganders drive American brands only is when I went to LA. WOW. It’s a sea of Honda’s, Nissan’s, Toyota’s, BMW, etc! And I LOVED IT? It was so unique to see all these other brands other than Ford, Chevy, or Dodge all over the roads, and it made me realize that soo many of these “foreign” cars give so much value for the $ over certain American cars (like a Honda Civic vs a Dodge Dart/Ford Focus) and it just shocked me that so many Michiganders are stuck in this world of buying American only.

NOW, I understand Detroit is the Motor City and a LOT of American car brands give huge discounts around here and many work for the Big 3 (and obviously are gonna support their employer), but honestly I don’t see how someone else buying a foreign car is not “keeping jobs in America”. I have SOOO much family that works for Chrysler and Ford, so I just find it ironic/amusing/interesting.

Not hating on anyone, any state, or any brand. Just something I’ve realized within the past few years and found myself feeling almost as if I was in a different country when I visited LA. 🙂

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