I just completed a 3200km trip in a broken car.

So recently I got a very good deal on a car,a 2004 Audi A6.A few months later however,the car shat itself and all the electronics including some parts of the dashboard(speedometer,board computer)stopped working completely.I bought the car in Sweden and sadly I got an enormous quote for fixing it.I could not afford it so I decided that I should just drive to Bulgaria(my home country)and get it fixed there.3200 km may not seem that much but for me the trip was definitely an experience.It was a difficult drive that included the snowy and icy mountain roads of Austria to the superb German Autobahn to the rainy,unfinished highways of Serbia.I just wanted to share it with you guys cause I am really happy I managed to do it without any problems along the way.Cheers!

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