Total Loss Dispute?

So I have a claim with Geico, where my vehicle was hit by another driver, they are in dispute regarding who’s at fault me or him, I need to get my car repaired so I am going through my own insurance – Geico. I went to get an estimate and submitted to it to Geico, it was about 5K, Geico said they need to send their own estimator, he came in and did some insane estimate that came up to 8k and decided to deem my vehicle total loss. The bodyshop my car is at said the adj is crazy. I don’t want my car to be total loss, because the money will go to lien holder and I will still owe payments and I am completely screwed. Begged and cried for the adj to see the estimate i sent him to and go based on that he refuses, my bodyshop called and tried to talk to him and he refused too. He just wants to declare it total loss and end it. My bodyshop can repair the damage for the 5k estimate no issue. Do I have any recourse against Geico? is my only option to refuse their claim and just have it repaired out of my own pocket?

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