It is time to file a complaint or lawyer up?

I was rear ended on a highway almost two years ago. I had some pain. It resolved after six months of physical therapy.

It took a while to get all the records in and confirm receipt, but all were received in December. The medical claims adjuster “hoped to close it out before the end of the year”. I hadn’t heard anything so I called earlier this month (February). The medical claims adjuster said he completed his review last month (January) and said the amount was above a threshold so he sent it for final approval. He thought I would hear something by today. I didn’t.

We are coming up on the end of the statute of limitations due to how long my treatment was and sending/resending paperwork. I wonder if they are dragging their feet to either limit negotiation time or let time run out.

The state bureau says insurance companies must pay claims promptly and fairly.

Am I being a jerk/impatient? Should I file a complaint with the state bureau? Something else?

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