Anyone have any knowledge of car paint? Curious about my DIY $3 car cover.

I park under a tree that drops little red beads of what i think is black pepper. It’s not preferable but it’s my parking spot. I need to protect my AC so I had a cloth car cover and stray cats + winds tore it to pieces. In my search for a solution on a tight budget i noticed harbor freight gives a free 5×7 tarp with any purchase. I of course went into frugal mode and bought 6, 50 cent knives and got 6 free tarps that i joined together with zip ties.

The zip ties don’t form a perfect seal so i went to r/homeimprovement to pick their minds about a solution to seamlessly join the tarps. It was there that a user advised me that the tarp would ruin my paint.

I was hoping someone here can confirm or deny that and if my $3 tarp cover is damaging my paint id like to hear if you guys have any frugal suggestions for an alternative.

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