Will my car pass emissions based on this reading?

. https://imgur.com/a/KPJP5

Bit of backstory. My CEL came on. I scanned and it said p0420 catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 1.

Brought into mechanic and did diagnosis. They said I’d need a new CAT eventually as mine was wearing. My car still runs fine. After I left the light was off. They probably turned it off. I put fuel injector into my car and drove.

I scanned it again today went to OBD test. The p0420 code didn’t come up. I went to the i/m readiness menu and it gave me the image above. After pressing OBD test it said MIL status off, codes found 0, monitors n/a 3, monitors OK 7, monitors INC 7.

Where I live they only scan your car for emissions testing. Sorry, I am really clueless about cars. I just want to pass this test because I really don’t want to put anymore money into this car until I get a new one later this year

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