Which zip code to insure an engagement ring in?

I’m in the final stages of buying an engagement ring, and have entered the stage of insuring it. Obviously I want to insure it, but I’m a college student that goes to school in one zip code, lives in another, and my girlfriend, who will be wearing the ring, lives in yet another. All three zip codes are separated by 1000+ miles, and I get widely different quotes (as much as 2X expensive in one) for insuring the ring in each of the three zip codes and am not sure if I can pick the one I want, or if I need to go with a specific one. I have no other insurance policies in my name to simply add this ring to.

Further complicating things is that we’re seniors with plans of moving to an entirely new state in 6-8 months, but of course we don’t have an exact zip code for that yet.

I fully want to be an honest customer, but want to balance being economical (remember, college student here) with the full peace of mind that the insurance will cover an accident in any state and won’t try to screw me if something happens while living away from the zip code of protection (like with the parents for the summer).

Finally, once we do settle down in a more permanent location, this situation becomes much easier and we’ll move the policy.

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