Where are the best places to change your oil if you can’t do it at your house?

I usually change my own oil and have never run into any problems with the changes. I changed mine today earlier in my yard and used one of those oil catch cans that looks like a gas can and has two plugs: one for the oil to drain into then one so you can pour it out at a disposal place. The new can didn’t allow the oil to drain fast enough and the tarp I laid down underneath my car had holes in it (which I wasn’t aware of) so now my driveway has a huge oil stain on it. I’m now forbidden from changing my oil in my driveway. I have to use full synthetic and all the garages around me want $80 for a full synthetic change. Fuck that. Where are the best and least sketchy places to do my own changes in the future? It cost me 50% less money and 90% less time to do it myself so I’m not exactly dying to go to a garage the next time I need a change just because I can’t do it in my own yard.

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