Ugh Easycare

TL;DR It’s shit, at least in my experience

I purchased its tire warranty plan about two years ago along with a used car. When a salesman says it’s technically for road damages but you can still claim a curb damage as a road damage, do not trust it.

When I used Easycare to replace my punctured tires, Easycare would take at least two hours to send local garages payment for the tire. Despite the garages’ multuple inquiry of payment, they would say nothing more than that they didn’t receive invoice or theyvare processing it.

It’s like Easycare punishes me every time for using the service I purchased. In the hindsight, it seems much better to save up some money for emergency tire change. You will be able to walk out soon as your tire is changed, not wait extra two three hours waiting for the coverage

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