[TX] Finding dental (and possibly health) insurance that doesn’t suck

My company uses United for their dental insurance. Needless to say, I’ve been underwhelmed.

The last straw came after I broke a molar and had to have it pulled as a result. A month after the tooth came out (and it’s still not healed up), I received a bill for almost as much as I’d paid when I was there.

You can see the bill here.

Needless to say, paying $412 for an extraction (AFTER the X-rays were discounted) is absolutely insane.

What, realistically, can be done to find insurance that doesn’t suck? I have no problem paying higher premiums – I’d rather do that than get bent over a barrel with this kind of thing (and I already shell out $200 per check for health / dental / vision, not counting employer contributions).

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