Rented a Dodge Charger Hellcat for the day

I’m sure most of you guys have heard of Turo, kind of an airbnb for cars deal where owners can rent out their personal vehicles through the app. One of the perks of the app is you only have to be 21 to rent a vehicle (as opposed to 25 years old which is enforced pretty much everywhere in the US) and yesterday was my 21st birthday so I figured, why not skip class today and drive around in something fun. Opened the app and found a Hellcat for $200 a day (which ended up turning into about $300 w/ the young driver fee and insurance) So I booked it and picked it up just an hour later and decided to have some fun.

Driving Impressions: Spent the entire day picking up friends and taking them for rides and wow is this car fast. It doesn’t actually “feel” that fast from the drivers seat considering you’re in such a big car and you’re not that low to the ground but it pulls very hard. 1st and 2nd gear are pretty much useless until you hit 40-50mph as the back end will just spin trying to get traction. But if you punch it going 45 you’ll hit triple digits faster than you’d expect.I managed to scare the shit out of pretty much everyone I gave a ride to and there’s nothing more satisfying then putting a smile on someone’s face while driving a 707hp beast of a car. I’m definitely thinking about picking up one of these at the end of the year or so once they hit the 40k mark. The interior was surprisingly pretty nice and infotainment and apple car play were very easy to use.

Really good experience using Turo as well and hope to rent something fun like this once or twice a month!

Anyway here’s some pics!

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