Other party scamming me in an auto claim

Some weeks back I was involved in an accident. I made a left turn on a flashing yellow (I had yielded before moving forward), as I move out I pass through the intersection safely, but having a bigger car someone scuffed my rear bumper slightly. Both cars had nothing more than minor paint damage. The other party claims to have braked but I can prove thats entirely wrong.

I get ready to file a police report, but the other motorist refuses and demands that I make an insurance claim to my company, I do so.

I wait a few weeks, we put in statements, and without contacting me first (and without inspecting my car), I am found at fault and liability covers a $1000 repair to the other partys car. I had to call my company to get this info.

The scam is that the other car needed a new bumper, the other car is an older 2004 model and somehow I damaged it enough to warrant serious repairs. My car has no damage beyond minor scuffs.

Is there anything that I can do to fight this? I dont want any money from this, I just want the situation assessed fairly. I may be switching my insurance provider soon so I need to know if this is even worth fighting.

Thanks for reading.

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