(Michigan) Husband covered by VA, baby due in May and we plan for me to stay at home the first few years. Question about coverage for baby and me.


My husband is a disabled veteran and receives healthcare through the VA.

We didn’t realize this until this year when we received the statement of benefits to prove he was covered for the year. We called the VA, and his coverage acts like a regular insurance policy.

With that, however, only he is eligible for care.

We are expecting our first child in May of this year, and we are considering me staying at home for the first few years if we can swing it financially.

A piece of the puzzle that’s holding us up is the cost to switch from my 100% employer paid premiums with no copays and a $4000 deductible to his state job that would cost us $350/mo. for the 3 of us with an $8000 deductible and copays.

My question is this: since he is eligible for coverage through the VA, does that still require us as a family to take his insurance through his employer to cover me and the little one?

If not, what are my options for myself and the kiddo? His adjusted gross income is around ~$60,000 so I believe that would automatically disqualify the two of us for any state programs (MiChild, Medicaid, etc.) or lower cost plans through the marketplace.

Sorry if this is a stupid question. We just got married last year and I’ve always worked so I’ve never had to look into insurance past paying my share.

Thanks in advance for any insight!

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