Have we come full circle back to the early 2000s /r

I have noticed a trend over the last few years and I can’t be the only that see it, but it feels as if we have come full circle back to the early 2000s. Crazy body kits, awful interiors, and stupid shit on cars. Every day I scrolling through my Instagram feed or my Facebook timeline things just seem to go another step further. I am not trying to hate on anyone’s car it’s just seems as if the entire scene as gone full send in to making their car as unpractical as humanly possible. Some say it’s art and I will give you that 1 percent are really well done and the other 99 percent as just the parts bin thrown on a car without any consideration of how it goes with another part. I enjoy car culture but I feel as the scene has just shorted drastically in the age of instagram.

IDK maybe I’m just a blabbering 20

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