Getting Dropped from my Auto Insurance Policy

Title explains it all. I’ve recently been notified by my auto insurance agent (Erie Insurance) that they are ending my coverage due to too many claims (3 at-fault, 1 not at-fault) in too short of a span of time (4 months). The policy covers two cars and two drivers (my girlfriend and I). My girlfriend has been with Erie for almost 10 years but I’ve only been with them for about a year. My girlfriend also has Home coverage with Erie.

When our agent told me that our coverage will end in about 2 months I immediately started calling and getting quotes from other companies. After checking our (mainly mine) driving history, many either refused to cover us or the rates were sky-high ($500+), as expected.

I need help and some advice. All of the at-fault claims are mine and I feel terrible about getting my girlfriend dropped from coverage because of me.

Some questions I have:

-Isn’t the Insurance company obligated to send us, in writing, documentation of when and why they are dropping our coverage? -What can I/we do to quickly lower our rates and find affordable coverage with another company? -Is it even legal for an insurance company to drop coverage in the middle of a contract/claim?

Please any advice would really help at the moment. We have about a month, conservatively, to find another policy.

TL:DR Getting dropped from auto insurance coverage in 2 months after filing too many claims in too short a period of time. Need help/advice!

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