Funniest car stories?

What are some of you guy’s most entertaining car stories? I remember when my best mate had an old Volkswagen Beetle, which he soon modded the shit out of, and basically stripped the whole interior, sans two seats of course. Anyway, he and I took it out for a test drive up this old curvy road near our houses, that used to be nothing but gravel surrounded by a sea of trees, one of which acted as a dead end about five miles down, and had nothing on either side of it. That one will come into play in a minute. My friend, David, nailed it once we crested a hilly bit, and kicked rocks and dust every which way. I remember telling him, “mate, slow the fuck down before you get us bloody killed!”, which he then responded with, “stop being a little…. SHIIIIIT!!!” Amongst the cloud of gravel dust, he didn’t see this massive tree growing larger and larger in front of us.

So David, in all of his teenage wisdom, decided that it would be best to yank the E-brake as far as it could physically go without ripping it out of the bloody socket, and throwing the wheel all the way to the left. In turn, what proceeded to happen, was that little beetle essentially becoming a table top with wheels. We spun at least three or four times, before the car finally slowed down enough for David to stomp the brake, and get us stopped. I don’t know how we did it, but we managed to miss that tree, and ended up few feet away from it, parked in the forest. We both got out, checked the car out to make sure we hadn’t broken anything, and aside from the paint being chipped to shit in some spots due to the gravel, the car was fine. Though, those tires were hot as shit.

Long story short, David and I poodled at like, 30 miles an hour back home, parked the beetle back in his garage, and stayed on the couch for the rest of that afternoon, lol.

What about you guys?

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