Doctor says he doesn’t accept my insurance even though insurance site says he does?

Hi —

I signed up for Cigna HMO insurance through strictly so I could see one specific doctor. The site’s search function said he was covered. Soon after in early December, I made the appointment to see him even though I hadn’t yet received my new insurance information. I told the receptionist it was a Cigna HMO, and she said I could just call later and give the rest of the info at a later date. I called them on 2/5 with the new info. The doctor’s receptionist called today saying they do not accept Cigna HMOs. I searched the Cigna site, and it says the doctor’s covered. I called Cigna, and the person I spoke to said the doctor’s covered. The Cigna rep called the receptionist, and they basically exchanged the info that they told me. The Cigna rep said I could go to the appointment. The receptionist is out for the rest of the week starting tomorrow.

I’m trying not to freak out. I have a bad feeling that they’re either going to call me in the next three days and tell me I can’t go, or they’re going to let me go, but not pay for the treatment I’m hoping to get, which is the point of the the visit I’ve been waiting over two months for. Has anyone had an experience like this? Any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.

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