Car insurance–Don’t know what to do?

WA, USA. Not sure if this is the right place to post or not, but here I go. Got into a car accident mid-2016 in which the other driver was completely at fault.

Fast forward to now. My back started to extremely bother me mid-2017. I started Physical Therapy January (called much earlier, couldn’t fit me in until 2018). The at-fault drivers insurance switched my claim handler and the new person is telling me they won’t pay my bills and are pressuring me to settle the claim for an extremely low amount (because I “waited too long”–which I have never heard of this being a reason for a low settlement?). The medical bills I’m not as worried about, as my insurance is willing to take care of it.

I’d just like advice on what to do. Do I really have to deal with talking to the other persons insurance? Is it worth it to get a lawyer involved? I’m seeing online that you can negotiate on settlements, but I doubt this one is gonna budge. The person told me the amount, “Is the highest it’s gonna get”. They were incredibly rude to me, laughing at me on the phone, and are offering me less than the last person handling the claim was.

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