Anyone have insight on escalating problems with the health insurance Marketplace (GA)?

I need someone with marketplace juju.

My mother signed up for a policy during open enrollment. Though the insurance company has her information, they are waiting for the marketplace to send the remaining paperwork so she can be billed the subsidized amount. Instead she is getting bills for more than 10x what they should be.

Insurance company says they can see in the file what the bill should be, but they can’t January’s paperwork from the Marketplace (oddly, they have February). Marketplace just says that they will send it, but they never do.

Now, Mom has no insurance card, and is about to reschedule her physical for the third time.

Anyone have any insight? Every time she calls, she gets the same answer (they’ll send it). Or she gets disconnected. This is immensely frustrating. She’s paying what the bill should be, so they don’t cut her off completely, but she still doesn’t actually have coverage. We need some sort of escalation.

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