3 Company cancelled my health insurance with zero warning

Hi /r/insruance!

I’ll try to keep this short. So I signed up for COBRA health insurance last May when I left my last job.

Then the following happened:

~1/1/2018: Receive a letter from new company saying they are taking over my COBRA account and I should start paying them. ~1/15/2018: Login to their website, enter bank account info and sign up for auto payments. ~2/7/2018: They send me letter notifying me that my insurance is terminated due to non-payment. I called, and apparently I didn’t pay the “past due” balance that was incurred before I knew this company existed, so therefore they just sat on my ACH/Autopayments and didn’t take anything out, then cancelled my insurance with zero warning. Those two letters above are literally the only notices they sent according to their records. Nothing via email and their website indicated my autopayment account was active.

Now I’m apparently stuck without health insurance until January of 2019 because “non-payment” isn’t a qualifying event.

So, do I have any recourse here? Is there a certain type of attorney I can use to help get my insurance back, or maybe do something to the company to help prevent this from happening to other people?!

Edit: I’m in CA, benefits company is in ND

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