Non-real cars from your dreams?

Have you ever had a dream with a car that doesn’t exist outside of your mind?

Last night, I had a dream that involved cheap car dirt racing.

My car was a 90s minivan that was an amalgamation of cheap minivans I see on the streets: mainly based on the 1st gen Opel Zafira, but with a 1st gen Honda Shuttle (Odyssey stateside) front, a side profile inspired by the Zafira, Shuttle and Mitsubishi Space Star and 1st gen Peugeot Partner rear barn doors.

I can’t remember much about my rivals, but one had an 80s/90s subcompact hatchback based on the Peugeot 205, but with some VW Golf Mk2 (rear) and Ford Fiesta Mk3 (door shape) influences, another had an early 60s executive sedan based on a Rover P5 Coupe, with Austin A99 Westminster lights and ’57 Chevy roofline and tailfins, another had a 70s American midsizer based on a ’73 Monte Carlo, but with a ’77 Ranchero front and a ’74 Cutlass Supreme rear, and another had an 80s Japanese sporty coupe (Supra Mk3 + 1st gen Nissan 300ZX + Mitsubishi Starion).

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