Job requiring me to raise my liabilities

I just got a new job as a POS repair technician my previous job provided a work van + gas card + their own insurance. but the new one requires me to have a personal vehicle. They are paying $0.45 per mile. My job requires me to work from home and then drive around a 1.5 hour radius to various retail/grocery stores as their equipment breaks. Estimated 17k-20k miles per year.

After starting this week they are requiring me to raise my liability car insurance from 50,000/100,000/25,000 to 100k/300k/100k. I insure with Alfa insurance, at the moment they do not know I am using the vehicle for work use (I’m not yet technically still training at home).

1) How much extra is this liability change going to cost me (rough guess currently the vehicle is $1000 every 6 months with current coverages).

2) Does my situation require me to have a special kind of insurance/”business” car insurance?

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