Guy hit me, his insurance offered 50%. Help!

In California. We were both backing up in a parking lot. I see him backing up, so I step on the brake. He’s still backing up, so I beep the horn. He’s still backing up and hits me. No damage to his, damage to mine. He offers me $500 on the spot. I say no. I take it to insurance. He tells his insurance I was backing up too. I ask his insurance to ask him if ‘He saw me backing up? If not how did he know I was backing up. If he did see me backing up, them why did he continue?” They will not. My insurance hasn’t been able to help. Thinking of threatening to leave for another provider. Tried to get a video of the accident. Security Kiosk wouldn’t share it with me. Emailed a cop about 100 times, he finally said he looked and couldn’t find it (I sneaked a peak at the screens and it should have gotten it on tape, I think he’s just trying to get rid of me IMO). I’m getting screwed, this guy backed his big truck into mine and messed my little compact pickup up. What a jerk. Any advise? Can I sue and subpoena him and have him testify? Small claims court? It honestly pisses me off that I’m getting screwed probably as much or more than the money. Thanks!

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