First Accident: Ask the at-fault insurance for check instead of taking the body shop/rental?

Hi everyone! As the title states, I was recently involved in an accident where the other party’s insurance (State Farm) just admitted to 100% fault. After getting off the phone with claims, they told me to pick a body shop of my choice and they would send a claims adjustor to make sure everything is right. They also said they could provide a rental while my car is in the shop.

My car is old with high mileage and the estimate for repairs is 75% the true cost of the car (roughly 2k). I was planning to use the money I would get from this as a down payment for a new car. Has anyone here asked to get cashed-out payment from the other party’s insurance? If so, did you succeed? Did they send the check or did they send it directly to the body shop? Confused where to go from here, any advice would be great!

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