Did this happen to you? Long warranty used to secure over-priced payments for associated mandatory maintenance.

Having 4-5 years warranty on a car is a great thing, right?

I’ve had one of these long warranties on my ~30 000 EUR VAG hatchback and I was bothered about the mandatory maintenance it came with. In my country the official VW dealers must be used for all in-warranty maintenance and they force you to buy all parts from them, ALWAYS 2-3 times more expensive than on the free market even when it’s easy to see how you’re getting robbed (e.g. oil, batteries).

It’s hard to give up warranty. New cars have so much electronics that it’s extremely easy to get burned with a very high bill for a seemingly simple failure. For example, the simplest LED headlight (not matrix, not adaptive) costs 1000+ EUR to replace and you MUST replace the whole unit if any LED burns out. They usually last 7-10 years but can you risk it? Note: They are covered by warranty.

And you can’t escape dealer prices even when it comes to the simplest things, like replacing a battery. The battery has a serial number and it’s registered in the car computer and you can’t update it without them knowing about it. But that’s the least of your problems because you simply can’t buy a 1:1 replacement battery on the open market because VW source their batteries in large batches that are custom made with exclusive specs that are off from standard amperage by 1-2 Ah. So yo need a 59 Ah battery but you’ll only find 60 Ah and the difference is enough to require an update in the car computer or else the battery won’t recharge properly and they can use that against you if you need to claim warranty for anything electronic.

I was turned off a lot by this situation because prices for parts have been jacked up even higher under the cover of these long warranties so you end up paying quite a lot more than expected for maintenance.

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