Dental Benefits Maxed, But More Work Needed. Expense Management?

Hi Reddit,

30 y/o full-time employed male making 70K with Principal Dental for insurance. I’m in relatively good health but screwed up by not seeing my dentist for…oh… seven years or so. So 2018 has been a busy year for my teeth!

A batch of fillings and wisdom teeth removal have knocked out my $1,000.00 yearly benefit pacakge pretty soundly as of today. But I still have roughly $650.00 worth of fillings that are scheduled for May. Not to mention a $450 bill after the wisdom teeth, becuase I opted for general anesthesia which wasn’t medically necessary.

Besides working a bunch of overtime for the rather unenjoyable experience of fillings (Yeah I know it’s good for my health. Hush) are there any services available for folks in my position?

Fully acknowledge it was foolish to not take care of my teeth. Fully acknowledge that the overtime is a completely viable option. Not looking for pity, just advice on how to possibly save some coin and some labor.

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