2008 Acura TL Blown Transmission Seal

So I was driving my dad’s car, an 08 acura tl, about 140,000 miles, and when I went to pull out of a driveway, I couldn’t accelerate the car. I got it towed that saturday night to a transmission place with good reviews on google. The next day (sunday, they were closed) my dad and I went there to see if we could figure out what was wrong with the car. We found the transmission fluid empty, and when we filled it up with new fluid, it leaked out the bottom almost instantly. However, the car did accelerate and reverse off of what I’m assuming is temporary fluid that didn’t leak out.

Here’s where I’m struggling with it. The transmission guys today told us that something is causing the transmission seal to blow out, and it’ll cost around 2500-3000 dollars to fix. That’s around the cost of getting an entirely new transmission itself, isn’t it? Could this actually be that much to fix, or are they trying to con us?

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