2001 Buick Lesabre running a bit hot?

I just changed the thermostat, the housing that held the thermostat (Which was cracked) and flushed the coolant system after the car overheated.

I was sitting in my car listening to music on idle and it hit 270 degrees. I wasn’t paying attention but I got it shut off before anything worse happened. Definitely was time for a change.

After the work I did on it, it still runs a bit hot. I was getting a consistent 194 on the high way (Which is perfect, my thermostat is 195), but the temp was rising a fair bit once I was back on city roads. Sitting at lights saw the temp rise as high as 225. Once I got home I sat in the car for a bit to see what the temp did and it dropped back to 212-218.

It is 67 degrees here and raining. Should I be concerned?

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