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Who has the longest commute?

Not sure if this is the correct subreddit… who has the longest commute to work every morning? Mine’s not terrible… 50 KM each way, (35 miles)

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Best cheap car to restore under 10k

I want to restore a car but more for fun of working on a car not really for the cool factor cheaper the better

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How much of a pain to paint one rim at a time?

Recently got a ’13 Outback base model. Would love to upgrade the rims, but I really can’t justify it right now, so thinking about painting the steelies glossy black to see how that looks. Worst case I can just put the wheel covers back on, and it will prevent them from rusting too much down the road anyway. There isn’t too much rust now, so I figure I can get most of the prep done while they’re still on the car.

I’m curious to know from anyone whose done this as to how much of a pain it would really be to do all this only one wheel at a time? I don’t have jack stands, and I live in an apartment, so even if I did buy them, there wouldn’t really be anywhere to keep them. I appreciate any feedback you all can offer.

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Tonight on the highway, my cars A pillar was struck by a stone thrown from an overpass.

I just wanted to share my experience with you guys, because I feel like these kind of experiences should be shared to raise awareness.

My hands are still shaking after 1.5 hours from the incident.

Tonight, I was driving from the neighboring cities airport to my home, around 12 pm, after a family holiday and I asked my dad if I could drive, he agreed. As a fairly new driver on the road, I am the designated driver for these kind of easy drives to sharpen up my skills. Everything was going well right to the point where we were struck by a stone to the right side A pillar. I was going around 130 kph on the highway. As we approached said overpass, I saw a silhouette of a young man waving towards upcoming traffic from the overpass, slightly hanging from the bars and thought, no big deal, probably some drunk teenager trying to grab attention, for a split second right before I heard the loud bang on the windshield.

That piece of human filth threw a fist sized rock to our car and hit the right side A pillar. A few centimeters to the middle, that rock could seriously harm somebody in the car. And mind you, 130 kph is a serious speed.

This is the first time something like this happened to me and also it’s the first time I’ve ever heard anything like this is spoken of around me. I asked my dad to call the police, trying not to swear violently in front of my parents. Right after the toll booths, I stopped to inform the police. They said they would take a look at it but I doubt the criminals responsible for this incident will ever be caught. Also, according to the Turkish traffic law, this is not a “traffic accident” so I doubt we will be paid for our damage from the insurance company.

The windshield hopefully didn’t shatter but it is badly cracked and there is a fist size crater on the A pillar where the stone struck. Fortunately nobody in the car was harmed, we are all safe and sound. I can’t still shake off the fact that someone in the car I was driving could be seriously injured even though I was not to blame. I can’t unthink the scenarios that could happen if the stone was to hit anywhere else.

I actually saw 3-4 cars stopped on the shoulder after said overpass, I hope they didn’t experience what we did. Fortunately, the highway I was driving on was nearly empty.

I don’t want to call this a near-death experience but I am seriously shaken and doubt I will be driving for a while.

And I can’t shake off the fact that someone near my age (probably) could be such inconsiderate and indecent.

Stay safe Reddit. (Even though I don’t know how to avoid this type of thing)

TL;DR: Some piece of total human indecency threw a rock from an overpass towards my car while I was driving at 130 kph around 12 pm and the stone struck the A pillar. Everyone in the car is fortunately okay.

P.S. I apologize for any grammatical errors that occured during this story, I am not a native speaker.

The aftermath:

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[CA] Effect of permitting my insurance company to settle within policy limits on my recovery against other party?

The at-fault driver sent my insurance company a policy demand letter. My insurance company is persuading me to accept 10% fault and accept the demand. I am okay with this, though I believe the other diver was 100% at fault. However, I would like to know what the effect of this would be on my recovery when I send my own demand letter. Would my recovery be reduced by 10%? Please advice. Thank you.

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2019 Corvette ZR1 Sets Lap Record at VIR

Would you purchase a previous rental vehicle?

My wife found a pretty good price on some rental cars but I told her we shouldn’t look into buying a previous rental car. I told her the reasoning was the old saying “drive it like you stole it.” Many people mistreat a rental vehicle since they know they are simply going to return it. What’s your take on it? She wanted Reddit’s opinion on this matter. Thanks for your advice!

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Favorite Cars to Rent on Turo (Mine vs. Yours)

Here’s a short list of some of my favorite cars you can rent that I’ve found on Turo. What have you seen that is awesome?

Aston Martin DB9 Volante – $209/day – Allen, TX Corvette Z06 (C7) – $199/day – Phoenix, AZ Ferrari 430 – $375/day – San Diego, CA Ford Focus RS – $150/day – San Diego, CA Ford Raptor – $100/day – Los Angeles, CA Fiat 500 Abarth – $69/day – San Diego, CA Mini Cooper (1969 134hp) – $199/day – Los Angeles, CA Polaris Slingshot – $65/day – Los Angeles, CA Porsche Carrera S (997)- $129/day – Scottsdale, AZ VW GTI (2012 – 400hp) – $97/day – Phoenix, AZ VW Thing (1974) – $85/day – San Diego, CA

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Experience behind the wheel of a Ford Thunderbird ’55

No Fault Insurance and Dash Cameras

Hello! I have a general question about the nonsense that is no fault insurance. Say I live in a state like Michigan and some idiot rear ends me while I’m stopped at a stop light, or some other idiot runs a red light and T-bones me. Let’s also say that one person who hit me about a month ago (POS deadbeat) ended up persuading me to buy a dash camera. If I submit video evidence of the other party being clearly in the wrong, is there any chance of me recovering my deductible, rental car costs, and diminished value?

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How Does Manual Mode Work?

How does manual mode work when using a car equipped with an automatic transmission? Will it ever shift on its own if the engine reaches a certain RPM? How do you shift to nuetral while in that mode? How is it disabled?

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Free unlimitrd Autocheck reports (might end soon)

Modify the link below to get unlimited free autocheck reports. Someone posted about this on this subreddit a month ago, but I couldn’t find the post and I figured many of you will appreciate the free reports while the dealer hasn’t closed the loophole yet.

Shameless plug: I created a subreddit called r/CarSteals earlier today. I’m hoping for it to catch on and to invite everyone to post any great deals that you find on enthusiasts cars.

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Haven’t seen a “protective coating” conversation for awhile… so what’s the best?

tl;dr: Waxing, protective coating, ceramic / nano / polymer coating, etc? What options are there, and which is best??

Howdy! I am just starting to marvel at the idea of a ceramic coating, but it might be this German’s mellow video explaining it.

I don’t lease, and don’t imagine getting rid of my car. I bought it and had the dealer do a spendy hood and side 3M coating. I’ve got a bit of a ding in the coating itself on the front of my hood, so I’ve rabbit holed about detailing it, then reapplying a new coating.

It seems that the XPEL “acts” the best both with protection and looks? It seems to be the thinnest, and it glistens beautifully, while offering great protection.

But in researching, I haven’t seen much recent discussion, and I assume there’s more options than ever? I thought a new thread on this might not hurt. Cheers and thanks!

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Roll Races & Two-Step Showdown @ Auto Club Speedway in CA

Twin Turbo 1UZ Mazda RX-7 Review! – 9 Second MONSTER on the Street!

What car insurance do I need to look for?

I am a college student who has never directly had car insurance, I have always just paid my parents for what my cost was to the family car insurance. Our family has always had pretty expensive insurance because all of us have a car, 6 cars total, and a couple of my brothers have not been the safest drivers. I will be buying a 2005 Accord, in full, in the next month or so and using that as my “daily driver”. I paid off my current vehicle, a 2000 GMC truck, in 2014 and have every intention to keep it, just because I don’t need it as a down payment, and it’s always good to have a truck for the utility of it. I only plan on driving the truck periodically to keep it from sitting for too long and whenever I need it to haul stuff on the weekends. I want to know what type of insurance I need that will keep costs as low as possible, while still being the appropriate coverage. I have NO IDEA what to look for and what to watch out for! Would it be better to buy the Accord under my own name and get insurance for just it, or also take the truck from under my parents and get insurance for both under my name, or put them both under my parents name and just keep paying for my portion of the insurance?

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Noble M12 GTO-3R Review from 2005

I almost broke my neck earlier while walking back to my car at a grocery store parking lot…

I came across this beauty while walking back to my car with some groceries. The door was opening so I was gonna say something to the owner. But I noticed some late 30’s/early 40’s high maintenance looking woman stepping out, walking with some attitude like she had a chip on her shoulder. So I instantly decided I wasn’t gonna bother. Anyways, this Vanquish is even more beautiful looking in person, especially in white. And I don’t know about you guys, but I think this is the best looking modern Aston ever made. Better than any DB9, DBS, Vantage, One-77, and even the DB11 which I find quite………..I don’t want to say ugly, but it’s just too overstyled for my taste. James May definitely picked the right car for the super car trip from Vegas to the Mexican border.

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Model 3 front suspension is shipped out to customers with a glued and zip tied reinforcement to fix their defective design.

My guess is that once they figured out the front suspension doesn’t meet minimum requirements, they just glued a reinforcement to ship out the cars as soon as possible. Any normal automaker would have stopped, redesigned the part and put on a new part before shipping it out to customers.

If this was planned, there would be no zip ties in place to hold the reinforcement while the adhesive cured. Moreover, it would have been very easy to redesign the part to have it be stronger in that area, but they choose not to.

I posted in R/teslamotors as well but everyone downvoted me acting like this wasn’t a big deal.

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