The difference between a dealership and an independent tire shop.

If anyone needs more reasons to avoid a dealership for basic things, here you go:

It was time to change the front pads on my Audi, and of course it’s been so long since I’ve had to remove the wheel that I had lost the wheel lock key. No big deal, I assume, I’m sure any tire shop will have a master key.

First place I go to says, “Sorry that wheel takes a special key and the lugs are sunk so deep (R8) that we can’t properly bust them off without damaging the wheel. You can go to a dealer and buy the key for about $20.”

So I go to a dealer in North Hollywood, and ask about buying the key. $90. Okay, more than I wanted to spend for something I’m going to use ONCE then replace with normal lugs.

Unfortunately, they seemed to be the only place that had the key available. Then I got an idea. “Hey, you don’t have to sell it to me, just take them off for me and I’ll replace them with normal lugs on the spot.

“Okay. $110 labor.”

Long story short, I eventually find a tire shop who had the key. They took them off AND gave me new lugs for $20.

I’ve been going to them loyally with all 3 of my cars for a year now.

inb4 do brakes yourself inb4 u can afford R8 u can afford to waste money inb4 the dealership was doing what they’re supposed to

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