Stay safe out there

It’s December 31st for most of us here, and tonight is the one night of the year everyone is sort-of expected to stay up. Many of us, no doubt, will be driving to their party. As enthusiasts, we understand why drunk driving is one of the worst offences ever, but there are many people don’t. And there will be more of them out there tonight than any other night, and you will be sharing the roads with them. Do your best to give other cars as wide of a berth as possible – you never know which one might kill you, and tonight a greater percentage of cars on the road are people who should not be driving. It might not even be alcohol – they might be high, or tired, or just bummed out from the party. No-one deserves a violent death, but death by no fault of one’s own is worse. Be safe out there.

Happy New Year.

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