Should we order a new gearshift altogether or just a part?

TL;DWTR: The button on my husband’s ‘03 Honda Acccord’s Gear Shift (coop, two door, automatic ) Fell off a few months ago. We had trouble getting it to stay back on, now when he switches gears he sticks his finger inside to push the notch down and switches gears like that.

More Info: He says it isn’t a big deal for him to do that every time, but I just feel so bad for him for multiple reasons. 1) It Probably is actually annoying , he’s just gotten used to it. 2) He has more important things to worry about such as our upcoming son due to be born this May. I lost my job last August so we are barely breaking even each month, so I know that bothers him. 3) He feels my stresses are more important than his own so he focuses on making me happy a lot. I am a VERY lucky woman, with the only fall back that it leads him to neglect his own needs/problems.

He does SO much for me. Please help me help him!

Is there a part I can order online? Should I make an appointment for the Honda store? Any point in the right direction would be AMAZING!!

Thank you all so much!! Happy New Years!!’

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