My new to me 1989 Honda CRX

I will start with pictures first. Here she is:

Before owning my CRX I had a 1998 Civic SI that was B16 swapped. Sadly after that car got stolen and recovered I just lost all will to continue with it. Engine had no oil in it when I got it back, engine felt like it had no compression, interior was destroyed, ignition was cracked and hanging loose. So I got rid of it.

The 98 Civic was a pretty fun good car but it wasn’t the Honda I wanted. It was too heavy and I didn’t want a coupe. So I searched for my dream Honda… a CRX and came across the one I currently own. The car looks pretty stock and minimally modded from the outside but it has a pretty long list of modifications. The motor is a first gen B16A with the Y1 tranny with a LSD. Intake manifold, throttle body, valves, Springs, retainers and cams all come from a 1998 Integra type R. 9k RPM redline. Polyurethane motor mounts. Mishimoto radiator. Eibach lowering Springs on KYB struts. Skunk2 lower control arms in the rear. Skunk2 control arms up front. All new Energy suspension bushings. Hawk HP Plus pads. Rear brakes were converted becsuse my CRX is a DX model from factory and came with drums in the rear. There might be more but I can’t think of it right now.

Overall this car is a dream to own. It’s pretty damn quick especially because it weighs less than 900kg. It handles like it’s on rails. It attracts attention like crazy, older guys stopping me at Red lights saying how they remember these cars when they were teens. I know Hondas usually get a bad rap but I hope everyone enjoys this car like I do.

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