My dental insurance is avoiding paying for my root canal (oklahoma)

I have dental though my work. I pay monthly for it and I began having coverage in early 2016 and had a root canal done, which is covered. My portion of the payment was $500 I paid that. My dentist told me a few weeks after my insurer wasn’t paying saying that I wasn’t covered by them. I re-confirmed with my employer that I had the insurance and she sent an email to make sure my information was correct. It was and shortly after I received my insurance cards -a couple of months after I had been paying for the insurance. I gave my dentist the card thinking perhaps my account numbers my employer gave me where wrong. They never said anything else to me about it, so i figured it had been fixed. I have had several cleanings/ dental work done since this time. Now a few months ago I received a bill from my dentist for $1,000 and when I contacted him about it they told me my insurer never paid for that root canal in 2016. So I call my insurer to find out why they hadn’t paid it but had been paying for the following procedures. I was told they couldn’t pay for it because my dentist didn’t submit for the payment until a year after the procedure was done and they couldn’t pay for anything that had been held that long. I know this is bullshit because my dentist was trying to send it to them when we were trying to figure this mess out the first time. So I call the claims department and I tell them that they can provide proof that they had submitted the claim several times before that year limit. They gave me a fax number to fax it too and I gave that to my dentist and didn’t hear anything else. That was ~2 months ago and I just received ANOTHER bill asking for the $1000 again. I just called them to ask if they paid for it and my dentist’s receptionist told me they never received a response after faxing them the evidence. I’ve gone to this dentist my entire life. I was one of his first customers, starting when I was in elementary school, so they’re not hounding me for this money or anything but I just don’t know what to do about this. I dont just have $1000 laying around to pay them, and I just dont know how to get my insurer to pay.

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