Insurance company claims to have issued check (several times), but I have not received it.

TL:DR – Insurance company says three times they’ll send a check to pay my claim, but don’t. Six months later, my car is still not fixed. Now what?

A school bus hit my parked, unoccupied car on 6/29. It took over a month, but their insurance company said they would pay for repairs. They told me on 8/14 that I would receive a check in 10-15 business days.

In early September I called and left a message for the adjuster. In October I finally called their main number and learned she’d left the company, and no one had been assigned my case. I guess because it had been paid, but also no one was responding to my voice mails and emails. I spoke to her supervisor who told me the original check would get a stop-payment and a new check would be issued. Again, 10-15 business days.

In November I called again. Still no check. I was told the second check would be stopped and a new check issued.

In the beginning of December, I called again and was told the stop-and-reissue check I was promised in November had not been done. They promised it would happen again, and this time I gave them my work address.

Last week I called, and when the supervisor’s voice mail said she was in the office that day, I told her that if I did not hear from her that day, I would file a complaint with the state’s office of insurance. I did not hear from her, so that’s in the mail.

What are my next steps? The bus that hit me had an Illinois license, and I live in Illinois, so that’s the paperwork I did. The bus company, though, is based in Ohio, and the insurance company is based in Texas. Do I file complaints in Ohio and Texas? Do I complain to the bus company? Tuesday I’m calling and asking to speak with the supervisor’s supervisor. But do I file suit in small claims court? My car is still not fixed. I have assets I could use to fix it, but that would require taking money out of long-term savings, which would cost me money, so I haven’t done it. It’s drivable, so I haven’t bothered.

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