Has anyone ever driven or ridden in a car that immediately disappointed you?

Recently I rode in a rental Kia Sportage, the newer froggy looking one, and I immediately understood why people like to rag on Kia.

I’ve ridden in about 4 other crossovers in my life and they’re all pretty similar vehicles in the ride and handling aspects. A little harsh in ride, a little dull in handling, and heavy feeling in any case. Of course, they’re essentially heavier, lifted sedans so it’s only fair that they’re like that. But the Kia just seemed worse in every aspect.

I learned to drive in a 2003 CR-V with almost 200k on it and it felt like a more refined machine. The ride was handling, the handling felt less secure (as much as I could tell from the backseat of the Kia anyway) and it was somehow louder and tinnier, which is quite a feat coming from a CR-V. Everything about the Sportage just screamed “appliance”, and not a good one either, just an average one. It was like the automotive equivalent of a $30.00 coffee maker; not the worst but certainly not the best.

Maybe I’m just not used to crossovers but if that’s a typical crossover then I want nothing to do with them.

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