Car Accident Please help


I’m in need of some legal advice right now and also unsure of what to do I live in Hong Kong. This is my first traffic accident. So basically, what occurred was I was on a dual carriage-way roundabout going straight and I took the inside right lane to go straight and I indicated left, and looked at my mirror before going out intending to use the right lane of the exit that I wanted to go. When arriving at the exit, this is when the accident occurred. There was a bus also using this roundabout but he came in one exit before me and was intending to leave one exit after me from what he told me and the police but he was using the outside left lane to do his whole turn. I’m really not sure who’s at fault here but from the road users handbook in Hong Kong when going straight in a roundabout I’m allowed to use the right lane but when turning right as the bus was doing, he should have used the inside lane like I was doing at the time.

The attached link below goes to a map showing the incident and the separate routes I was taking and the bus was taking

Thanks so much

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