Advice for nursing Magna AT home.

Hi, I have a 2005 Mitsubishi Magna wagon, and a couple of thousand kms to get home. Before we left home for here i felt like the car was holding onto shifts for longer than it should so i did a flush as per manual and replaced with castrol transmax multivehicle. I drove it for a week and it felt great, so my partner drove it here. When i joined up with them she said the car felt like it was loosing power towards the end of the trip. When i checked the AT fluid there was just as much silvery glitter in there as when i changed it before. Noticeable dark marks on the rag when you wipe the stick. No burnt smells. On driving the car there is a slight but noticable thunk when it drops into last gear. There is no slipping. There is a quick grating noise when moving between D and R, just before the engine engages. There is not much in the way of mechanics out here. Im going to change the fluid again. I was wondering whether it was better to use the tiptronic shifter to try and reduce shifts or will that increase wear? Any other tips for nursing it back to civilization? Cheers.

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