2011 Acura TL – should I buy?

I need a car for my college aged daughter. Had a budget of between $5k – $10k, wanted something used, nice, reliable, etc. Was talking to a good friend of mine about it and he said he is about to buy a new car – would I like to buy his 2011 Acura TL – SH-AWD, loaded. 165k miles, almost all highway as his job has him travelling quite a bit.

Just got it home to test it for a few days – it’s super clean, drives incredibly smooth, etc. He’s asking about $6k for it, and he’s the type of guy where if something major happens in the first six months he’ll buy it back because he’s loaded and he’d rather maintain a friendship than have me feel like he screwed me.

Thoughts? My daughter is 20 and will use this to go back and forth to/from college once every month or two and will drive it scarcely at school. We are in northern Ohio, so snow is a factor. He’s got a set of winter rims he’s throwing in that I can put snow tires on.

Thoughts on this car, the price, the reliability and expected maintenance costs, how many miles I should expect out of it, etc?

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