Under the influence of r/cars I now own a Miata and a turbo AWD wagon

My current garage is a manual 2016 MX-5 Club with the Brembo/BBS package and an automatic XWD Saab 9-3 Aero wagon. It’s pretty clear online car culture has had an effect on how I assembled my garage. I have a pretty well rounded pair of cars. I intend to end my car ADD and keep this line up for a while.

I have winters on the miata and drive it most days. My long term plans are to auto cross the miata and maybe do a long distance road trip in it.

For the wagon, I just got OEM rubber winter floor mats and a trunk liner. I got a official Saab first aid kit, and a saab branded fleece blanket for all the times I’m going to be stranded with a check engine light. My plans are get more official saab accessories, to tune it and maybe add an exhaust to get over 400 foot pounds of torque. I want to get both summers and winters and add some stickers like prancing moose crests to the front wheel arches and “made by trolls in trollhattan”

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