UHC Denied Hospital Claims for Surgery

Hi there – my daughter had a open bladder surgery with Texas Childrens Hospital in May of 2017 and UHC denied the hospital that she should have staid the night (which is ridiculous but I do believe its a coding issue), anyways UHC told us in no way do we owe anything.

So today we received a new bill from the hospital, they rebilled UHC correctly and sent us a new bill and we owe even more now which is frustrating months and months later. We have already paid over $3k (I haven’t tallied all the costs because there are bills from everyone and their dog that was in the OR). I plan to call UHC in the AM but is this normal? The items listed in the new bill we already paid in previous bills, the only items in question from before were the room and board, but other stuff we have paid on before are listed again (anesthesia, pharmacy etc..)

In addition, I also got a bill last month for this kids birth (2.5 years ago) for added crap….I paid it but why the heck cant these things all be up front? There is also no accounting of what or where just oops you still owe this and we never billed. How can I be satisfied that’s the case? I don’t even have my bills from 2.5 years ago anymore I don’t think. Maybe I do but for $40 I just paid it.

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